A holistic approach to retirement

We offer an independent and quality service to make having a self-managed super fund as simplistic as possible. Our SMSF specialists work behind the scenes to consistently stay on top of compliance and administration. Our financial planners offer results-based advice, with leading property coach mentoring you in investment selection.

We get excited about superannuation


We handle your administration

We take administration and compliance just as seriously as finding the perfect investment. We have teams of professionals who specialise in each area, from asset selection to administration.

Find lost Super

Our SMSF specialists love finding lost Super, rolling Superannuation into one and setting up a SMSF that will comfortably take our clients through retirement.

Real-Time access

Access your superannuation investment portfolio, performance and balance, via our easy to use cutting-edge software.

An approach that is results-based and genuine

Financial Planning

Your retirement planners

We look at your budget, hear your retirement goals, calculate your loans, review your mortgages, organise your cash flow and gain a clear understanding of your financial picture so we can plan for your retirement.

Superior service

Our financial planning team are approachable and try to make a complex subject simple and easy to understand. We work with budgets, investments and numbers day in and out. We guarantee superior service with a smile.

Let us figure it out

We will investigate, research and worry about your finances so that you can spend your time enjoying life without financial stress.

Loans tailored to your financial situation


We do the legwork for you

Whether you are buying an investment property, looking to refinance, or wanting to invest into SMSF property, we can conduct loan comparisons, analyse fees, features, costs, repayments and find the most competitive deal for your financial situation.

Benefit from our teamwork

Our brokers are not only fully-accredited and industry-qualified, but they work hand in hand with our financial planners and property coaches, to ensure your loan is tailored to your investment strategy and financial situation.

Review your home loan

Already have a mortgage? We’ll find out if there are more competitive interest rates available, or if the bank you are now with can offer you a better deal. You may also be able to consolidate all your debts into one with a simplistic repayment plan.

We are passionate about property research

Investment Property

Results oriented

Our property coaches spend countless hours each week learning, analysing and forecasting the peaks and troughs of the property market, alongside staying up to date with property economics and exclusive industry offers.

Investment property management

We know our clients are hard-working and don’t want to be wasting time on paperwork, phone calls, filling properties or maintaining them. We assist in finding professionals to take care of these matters for the best possible price.

Have knowledge & confidence

Our property coaches know what locations are forecast for oversupply or tipped for economic growth. Whether you’re looking for strong rental yield, positive gearing, or large capital gains, they find what you're seeking and equip you with the knowledge to be confident in your decision.

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Meet our managing director Dylan Crowe

Dylan has been working in the superannuation and investment property industry as an educator, adviser and economist for over a decade.


Dylan’s childhood was immersed in investment property and his businesses now reflect his passion and expansive knowledge of the market. His array of skills extends from overseeing the self-managed super fund division, educating developers on crucial investor needs and sustainable development, to financial planning and guiding his extensive investor base to suitable investment properties.  Dylan has a highly regarded voice within the investment property industry for both industry professionals and investors. 


Learn more about Dylan

Switch your Super to something you can be excited about.

We offer a financial planning session free of charge to all prospective clients. We run through your personal situation and find areas that we can help you improve upon. No obligation and pressure free.

Find out how to use your Super to invest in property

Receive a tailored financial plan with strategies based on your financial situation

Learn why SMSF is the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry

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