Some very exciting news for Yarrabilba this week with the Education Minister Kate Jones announcing that the opening of the Yarrabilba State Primary School is being brought forward a year from 2019 and will now be opening for the first school year in 2018!

Also below is a range of new Aerial images taken this past week showing the vast construction progress within The Retreat village and the entire Yarrabilba community.

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-03 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-03 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-05 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-06 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-07 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-24 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-28 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-29 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-61 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-63 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-64 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-79 4500px

Yarrabilba-feb-2017-Update-12915-83 4500px