Different laws and regulations govern how you can use borrowed funds in SMSFs

Finding a mortgage for an investment property within your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is different to buying property outside of super. 

Lending has also tightened for SMSF properties in recent years, and rates can be higher that standard lending if you don’t know how to search for the most competitive.

Your SMSF mortgage may require special conditions and features. There is often a minimum loan amount of $200,000. Rental income may be used to assist with repayments.

It will likely be set up as a ‘limited recourse loan’, to protect the other assets of your SMSF by limiting the amount recoverable on a default to the secured property itself.

Just as it’s important to seek professional advice when setting up your SMSF, you’ll want to work with a mortgage broker who can find the right loan for your SMSF property investment.

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