Learn how to improve your financial position

We spend time getting to know you so we can tailor strategies aiming to grow and protect your money. We specialise in planning for retirement and building your savings, while also finding the right combination of insurances to keep you protected.

The process is simple and obligation-free

Initial meeting

The first step is to book a chat with one of our SP financial planning team, where we get to know you and gain a clear picture of your personal and financial goals. We offer these sessions free of charge and can use the information to write a tailored financial plan.

Follow-up meeting

Your financial plan is presented to you in simple terms. We ensure you have a thorough understanding of the strategies we selected and answer all your questions. We also provide you with information explaining benefits and risks to help you make a calculated decision.

Implement your plan

At this point, your financial planner can begin setting up and assisting you in implementing the new strategies. This can include things such as creating investments, consolidating or locating super accounts, and comparing insurance policies.

Reviews & ongoing advice

From here we work together to achieve your goals. Ongoing reviews of your plan are essential to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. We keep an eye on your finances and progress so you can be confident that your money is in good hands.

How a Financial Planner can help you

There was a common belief not too long ago that only millionaires or those going through a divorce would ever need a financial planner. But in today’s economy they have become a necessity. They are the go-to-person for everyday people who want to take control of their financial situation.


It can be difficult to know where all your money goes, and time consuming to plan a budget. Our experts help plan your finances.

Looking to grow your savings account?

We help organise your cash flow so you have the ability to save.

Buying your first property

We help our clients understand the process of buying property both inside and outside of super.

Understand insurances

We find the most effective insurance combinations, including protecting your home from loss of income or personal tragedy.

Ready to plan for retirement?

We can develop a variety of tailored options to help you plan for the golden years.

Improve your finances

We can show you how to grow your money through tax effective structures and investment in all asset classes.

Make educated decisions

Let us explain superannuation, asset selection and management that will suit you and your family, in plain English.

Consolidate & find lost super

It takes a long time to accumulate superannuation. We’re experts at consolidating or finding your lost super accounts.

Manage your money for the long term

Build a lasting relationship with our friendly and thorough planners. We review your finances quarterly to ensure everything stays on track.

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Book a Free Planning Session

We offer a private planning session to all prospective clients, free of charge. We run through your personal situation and find areas that we can help you improve upon. No obligation and pressure free.

Find out how to use your Super to invest in property

Receive a tailored financial plan with strategies based on your financial situation

Learn why so many Australians are switching to SMSF

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