Why SMSF property investment?

Investing in property within a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) offers a variety of attractive benefits compared to direct property investment.

Advantageous rental income tax

In-super transactions are subject to more favourable tax rates than buying a property personally. Your rental income from property in your SMSF may be taxed at a rate of 15%, compared with up to 45% that regular property investors pay.

Rental income tax advantages get better!

Once in the retirement phase your rental income from your SMSF properties may be tax-free.

Advantageous capital gains tax

If you sell the property before retirement phase you will only pay 10% capital gains tax, as long as you held the property for longer than a year.

Capital gains tax gets even better after retirement!

If you hold the property within your SMSF until after retirement you should pay no capital gains tax upon selling the investment.

Benefits for business owners

Small-medium business owners commonly arrange for their SMSF to hold their business premise for a range of reasons including tax advantages, asset protection and succession planning.

An investment you understand

Everyday Australians feel confident to get started investing in property over other asset classes because it's easy to learn, familiar and generally well understood.

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ATO 2013 Statistical Report

The average SMSF member balance is 16 times the size of the average account balance of non-SMSF members

Are you looking to use your Super savings to invest in property?

Investing is a choice most people make at some point in their lives, with the desire to bring further wealth or security to their future. Investing in property can be one of the most effective ways for an average Australian to become wealthy over time

  • Basic Requirements
    You're looking for a manageable strategy that offers full control of investment selection and the opportunity to invest your Super into property
    You would like to reduce your rental income tax and potentially pay zero capital gains tax
    You're interested in direct property investments
    You have accumulated over $200k in your own Superannuation, or jointly
  • First Steps
    Ensure you have the required amount in your Superannuation savings
    Speak with close family members or your partner to discover if they would like to jointly create a retirement strategy
    Book an initial phone call with a specialist to learn more and get started
  • A Few Considerations
    Cost of opening an SMSF and ongoing costs
    The performance of the property you invest in
    Obligations of the trustee


Invest Your Super How You Want

You don’t need to rely on industry or super funds to manage your investment for retirement. You have the choice to move from an industry or retail fund and set up a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) that includes property investment.

The Understood Investment

Australian culture has a special place for property ownership. We relate easily to property investment for boosting retirement wealth. Most have the experience with property in the purchase of their own home. It is also a tangible investment they generally hold for the longer term.

Leverage & Growth Opportunities

Leveraging a portion of your retirement capital into property could elevate your retirement benefits. We believe leverage and economic growth conditions are the building blocks of property wealth, and can show you how they work together.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Investors can obtain extensive property market and economics information from our property experts. They're readily available to assist you in the selection of a property for investment.

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We have helped everyday Australians cumulatively invest in over $100 million worth of property since opening in 2012

If you're looking to buy property with your Super, chat with our financial planners free of charge to discover if establishing an SMSF is the best option for you.

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