Discover how to use Super to invest in property

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We invite you to a financial planning session, free of charge. Our initial consultation allows us to assess your current financial situation, and whether opening a self managed fund and investing in property is a good option for you.

Discover the favorable rental income tax rates in Super ranging from 15% to as low as 0% after retirement.

Find out strategies to strive toward paying your home off before retirement.

Find out the benefits and risks associated with buying property inside of Super

Learn the advantages of capital gains tax both before and after retirement, compared to regular property investment tax rates

Understand if opening an SMSF and investing in property is the right option for your financial situation and lifestyle

Discover the benefits of buying your commercial business premises through Super.

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We walk with you through the process

Book a free initial chat

The first step is to have a chat with our team, identify your goals and let us show you how we can help. Our initial consultation is free of charge & obligation free.

We write your plan

We prepare a financial plan based on your situation and goals. We offer options and results-based solutions to help you choose if SMSF is the right choice.

SMSF establishment

We assist in the establishment of your SMSF, guide you through each step including tax, administration, investing and compliance for the life of your fund.

Buy an investment property

Our property coaches show you growth locations and help you choose a property that matches your cash flow and goals, while minimising risk.

Get your Super sorted today

Let us show you how simple it can be. Take control of your super savings and invest in your future.

Find out how to use your Super to invest in property.

Learn why so many Australians are switching to SMSF.

Receive a tailored financial plan with strategies based on your financial situation.

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