Switch your Super to something you can control

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a legal tax structure regulated by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), with the sole purpose of providing for your retirement. An SMSF gives you the control that comes with managing your own super and investments.

Understand your super

Select your investments, and ensure you're not losing money to unnecessary fees and taxes.

Investment choice

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to choose, understand and be confident about where their Superannuation is invested.

Tax benefits

SMSFs generally have a 0% tax rate on income during retirement, with zero capital gains tax.


SMSFs can ultimately be one of the most cost-effective Superannuation investment vehicles.

Pool your super funds

SMSFs can be established with up to 4 members; pool your Super together for better leverage.

Estate planning

You can build an SMSF investment strategy suited to your family's needs and beliefs.

Self-managed super fund property investment

If you're thinking about buying an investment property, using your Super could be an option.

Advantageous capital gains

Property within SMSF may be eligible for zero capital gains tax on assets during the pension phase.

Zero out of pocket expenses

SMSF set up costs can be paid for by your Super balance, with no direct out of pocket expenses.

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FSC/UBS SMSF Report, Dec 2015

The main motivation behind Australians establishing their own super fund is achieving greater control and choice of investment

Factors to consider before establishing an SMSF

An SMSF isn’t right for everyone.

Our expert advisors can help determine if this is a good option for your financial situation.

  • Establishment and ongoing costs

    There are costs involved in establishing and maintaining your SMSF. Your financial planner will help you assess the costs involved and determine if they are appropriate for your financial situation

  • Winding down your SMSF

    Depending on the circumstances, SMSFs can be costly to wind down, especially if the closure of your fund prematurely interrupts the original investment strategy.

  • Added responsibilities

    Despite having qualified licensed experts guiding you each step of the way, you are still ultimately responsible for the compliance and decision making for your SMSF

  • Minimum fund size

    To open an SMSF and invest in property there is a minimum balance recommendation, to ensure it is an appropriate decision for your financial situation. Our financial planners will explain during your initial consultation.

  • Annual investment strategy

    For an SMSF to remain compliant, SMSF trustees must review and update their investment strategy annually. Our financial planners guide clients through this process.

  • Insurance considerations

    As a trustee of an SMSF, government legislation requires you to consider insurance. Our financial planners are skilled at comparing insurances for your situation and helping find the most appropriate for your needs.

  • Allowable investments in a self-managed super fund

    The ATO states ‘all investments by your SMSF must be made on a commercial ‘arm’s length’ basis’. This means no one associated with your fund should get a present-day benefit from its investments.

    Your fund needs to be maintained for the sole purpose of providing death or retirement benefits to your members or the members' dependants. However, there is a range of allowable investments you may not be aware of, as long as the conditions above are adhered to.

    Allowable investments include:
    - Residential Australian property
    - Commercial Australian property
    - Term deposits
    - - Australian shares
    - International shares
    - CFDs
    - Bonds
    - IPOs
    - Warrants
    - Options
    - Forex
    - Futures
    - Metals
    - Australian and international managed funds
    - Collectables and personal use assets (restrictions apply).

We Make It Easy To Set Up



Work with an expert SMSF adviser

Speak with a Superannuation Property expert adviser, discuss your Super and goals. From there, we book an appointment for a financial planner to have a chat about your situation, and assess if SMSF if right for you.





Let us show you how to start an SMSF

Our SMSF compliance and administration team will assist you every step of the way. We teach you what is involved in opening and running your SMSF. Over the life of your fund, we continuously assist with all regulatory changes, admin and compliance.



Invest your Super savings

We have an expert team of qualified and experienced staff to help you. Our financial planners offer personalised investment advice, and if you choose to invest in property, our coaches and research economics teams will advise you on forecasted growth locations.



Watch and understand your balance

Our SMSF experts regularly assess your balance and its opportunity to grow. Our financial advisers, property coaches, administration and compliance staff will help you every step of the way.

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